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    Aoxin Frozen Taro Fish Balls - 500g


    Aushin Taro Fish Balls are a frozen delicacy made from taro and fish, packed in a 500g bag. They are perfect for adding to soups, stir-fries, or hot pots for...

    Aushin Frozen Mixed Dim Sum Pack - 800g


    A delightful assortment of traditional Chinese dim sum, frozen for convenience and freshness.With 800g of variety, this pack offers a quick and easy gourmet experience at home.

    Aushin Frozen Octopus Steamed Dumplings - 460g


    These are frozen, ready-to-cook dumplings filled with tender octopus, offering a unique seafood twist on a traditional Asian dish.Each 460g pack provides a convenient and quick meal solution, simply steam...

    Aushin Frozen Peeled Cassava - 1kg


    A 1kg pack of Aushin peeled yam, frozen to maintain freshness and nutritional value. Ideal for convenient cooking, saving you the time and effort of peeling and preparing.

    Aushin Frozen Shrimp Haukau - 1kg


    These are 1kg packs of frozen shrimp dumplings, sourced from Australia and New Zealand. They are easy to prepare and perfect for a quick, delicious meal or appetizer.

    Aushin Frozen Shrimp Shaomai - 1kg


    Enjoy the delicious taste of Aushin Frozen Shrimp Shaomai, conveniently packed in a 1kg package.These shrimp shaomai are made with high-quality ingredients, offering a delightful combination of tender shrimp and...

    Aushin Frozen Shrimp Spring Rolls - 500g


    These are frozen, ready-to-cook spring rolls packed with fresh Australian prawns. Each 500g pack offers convenience and a taste of authentic Asian cuisine.

    Aushin Frozen Silver Fish - 900g


    Enjoy the delicate and fresh taste of Aushin Frozen Silver Fish, conveniently packed in a 900g package.These silver fish are carefully selected and frozen at peak freshness to ensure the...

    Aushin Frozen Squid Tentacles - 1kg


    Enjoy the fresh and tender taste of Aushin Frozen Squid Tentacles, packed in a convenient 1kg package.These squid tentacles are perfect for a variety of dishes, from stir-fries to salads...

    Aushin Frozen Tuna Steamed Dumplings - 460g


    Aushin's Frozen Steamed Tuna Dumplings are a convenient and delicious meal option, packed with high-quality tuna and ready to heat and serve. Each 460g pack offers a generous serving size,...

    Aushin Frozen Wild Caught Yellow Croaker - 2 Pieces, 650g


    Enjoy the fresh taste of Aushin Frozen Wild Caught Yellow Croaker, available in a convenient 650g package containing 2 pieces.These yellow croakers are wild-caught from the East China Sea, ensuring...

    Frozen Imitation Crab Salad Mix - 1kg


    A 1kg pack of Aushin Crab Stick Salad, frozen to maintain freshness and flavor. Perfect for quick and easy seafood dishes, offering a convenient and tasty addition to your meals.

    Frozen Purple Yam - 1kg


    Aushin Frozen Purple Sweet Potato is a 1kg pack of pre-cut and frozen purple sweet potatoes, perfect for convenient and healthy cooking. It offers a rich source of vitamins, fiber,...

    Frozen Vegetable Tempura Nuggets - 500g


    A 500g pack of Aushin's frozen mixed vegetables, sweet in taste and not spicy. Perfect for quick, healthy meals and packed with essential nutrients.

    TVI Frozen Crab Balls - 500g


    Aushin Crab Meatballs are a 500g pack of frozen, ready-to-cook seafood delight made from high-quality crab meat. They offer a convenient and tasty addition to your meals, perfect for a...

    TVI Frozen Crab Meat Tempura - 500g


    A 500g pack of Aushin's frozen sweet and spicy crab meat, perfect for adding a flavorful twist to your meals.Quick and convenient, this product offers high-quality crab meat that's pre-seasoned...

    TVI Frozen Cuttlefish Balls - 500g


    Aushin Squid Balls are a frozen seafood delicacy, perfect for quick and easy meals. Each 500g pack is filled with bite-sized squid balls, ready to be cooked in your favorite...

    TVI Frozen Cuttlefish Nuggets - 500g


    A 500g pack of Aushin's frozen squid, marinated in a tantalizing blend of sweet and spicy flavors. Perfect for quick and easy meals, offering a taste of the sea with...

    TVI Frozen Fish Tofu - 800g


    Aushin Tofu Fish is a frozen, 800g pack of tofu-based, fish-flavored product, perfect for vegan and vegetarian diets.It offers a high-protein, low-fat alternative to traditional fish, ready to cook straight...

    TVI Frozen Seafood Bowl - 1kg


    A 1kg pack of Aushin Hotpot King, perfect for a hearty and delicious hotpot meal. This frozen product ensures freshness and quality, offering a convenient solution for quick and easy...

    [Frozen] Aushin Basa Fish Fillets 800g


    Aushin Basa Fish Fillets are a frozen seafood product, weighing 800g, known for their mild flavor and tender, flaky texture.They are versatile and can be used in a variety of...

    [Frozen] Aushin Cooked Shrimp Meat Size 26/30 700g


    Aushin Cooked Shrimp Meat Size 26/30 700g is a frozen seafood product that offers convenience and quality in one package.These pre-cooked shrimps are perfect for a variety of dishes, providing...

    [Frozen] Aushin Crab Sticks 500g


    Aushin Crab Sticks 500g are frozen seafood treats made from premium quality crab meat.They are perfect for a variety of dishes, offering a convenient and delicious way to enjoy the...

    [Frozen] Aushin Dory Fish Fillet (With Bone) 900g


    Aushin's Frozen Dory Fish Fillet is a high-quality seafood product that comes with the bone, providing a rich, authentic flavor. Weighing 900g, it's perfect for family meals and can be...

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