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Specialty Meats


    Tianfu Boneless Frozen Duck Feet, 100g


    Experience the unique taste of Tianfu Boneless Frozen Duck Feet, conveniently packaged in 100g portions. These duck feet are expertly prepared, ensuring a boneless, tender texture that's perfect for a...

    Pack of 4 Frozen Duck Necks with Skin - 950g


    Discover the natural goodness with our Pack of 4 Frozen Duck Necks with Skin, weighing a total of 950g. Each neck is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and...

    Kingfield Frozen Smoked Duck Breast - 200g


    Experience the rich and savory flavor of Kingfield Frozen Smoked Duck Breast, conveniently packed in a 200g package.This premium smoked duck breast is carefully prepared to ensure a tender and...

    Kingfield Frozen Fried Chicken Nuggets - 1kg


    Enjoy the crispy and delicious taste of Kingfield Frozen Fried Chicken Nuggets, conveniently packed in a 1kg package.These chicken nuggets are perfect for a quick meal or snack, offering a...

    ChattyHen Frozen Partridge (2 Pack) 800g


    Discover the rich, gamey flavor of ChattyHen Frozen Partridge, conveniently packaged in a 2 Pack weighing 800g. Perfect for gourmet meals, each partridge is carefully selected and frozen at peak...

    Premium Frozen Duck Heads, Over 1kg - Perfect for Specialty Dishes


    Discover the unique culinary potential of Premium Frozen Duck Heads, weighing over 1kg, ideal for crafting specialty dishes. Sourced from top-quality ducks, these frozen heads are meticulously cleaned and prepared,...

    Boneless Chicken Feet (Frozen) 500g


    Discover the culinary versatility of Boneless Chicken Feet (Frozen) 500g, a staple in many traditional dishes. Perfectly cleaned and prepared, these chicken feet are ready to be used in your...

    ChattyHen Frozen Duck Neck Bones 1.4kg


    Discover the rich flavors of ChattyHen Frozen Duck Neck Bones, weighing 1.4kg, perfect for crafting nutritious broths and stocks. These high-quality bones are sourced from ducks raised in optimal conditions,...

    Frozen Duck Tongues, 500g


    Discover the unique delicacy of Frozen Duck Tongues, available in a convenient 500g package. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts looking to explore diverse flavors and textures, these duck tongues offer a...

    Frozen Chicken Cartilage Skewers - 1kg Pack


    Indulge in the unique texture and flavor of our Frozen Chicken Cartilage Skewers, conveniently packaged in a 1kg pack. Each skewer is carefully prepared, ensuring a perfect blend of crispiness...

    Old Beifang Premium Frozen Lamb Spine 1kg


    Experience the rich, savory flavor of our Frozen Northern Lamb Spine, available in a convenient 1kg package. Sourced from the pristine northern regions, this lamb spine is perfect for crafting...

    Frozen Chicken Paws with Bone 500g


    Discover the convenience and quality of our Frozen Chicken Paws with Bone, available in a 500g pack. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts looking to explore diverse recipes, these chicken paws are...

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