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    [Frozen] Old Beifang Premium Rich Beef Rolls 250g


    Old Beifang Premium Fatty Beef Rolls are high-quality, frozen beef slices perfect for hot pots and stir-fries. Each 250g pack is filled with rich, marbled beef that promises a tender...

    [Frozen] Old Beifang Premium Fatty Beef Rolls, Family Pack 600g


    A family-sized pack of premium, fatty beef rolls from Old Beifang, frozen for freshness and convenience. Perfect for a variety of dishes, these 600g packs offer high-quality meat with rich...

    [Frozen] Ayi Tofu Fish 250g


    Ayi Tofu Fish is a frozen, ready-to-cook product that combines the rich flavors of tofu and fish in a 250g package.It's a convenient and healthy option for quick meals, offering...

    [Frozen] Old Beifang Premium Lamb Rolls Family Pack 600g


    A family pack of premium lamb rolls, sourced from Old Beifang's finest selection. These 600g frozen rolls are perfect for a hearty meal, offering convenience without compromising on taste.

    [Frozen] Top Quality Shop Crispy Cheese Sausages 500g


    A pack of 500g frozen crispy cheese sausages from Top Quality Shop, perfect for quick and delicious meals.These sausages are packed with flavor and provide a satisfying crunch with every...

    [Frozen] Huo Jia Chive Filled Pancakes 460g


    These are frozen, ready-to-cook pancakes filled with flavorful chives, offering a quick and delicious meal option. Each 460g pack ensures convenience and authentic Huo Jia taste right at your home.

    [Frozen] Xi Yun Nian BBQ Rice Cakes, 16 Sticks, 1kg


    Xi Yun Nian BBQ Rice Cakes are a pack of 16 frozen, ready-to-cook skewers, each weighing approximately 1kg. Perfect for grilling, these rice cakes offer a unique, smoky BBQ flavor.

    [Frozen] Aushin Fish Balls 500g


    Aushin Fish Balls are a frozen seafood product, conveniently pre-cooked and ready to add to your favorite dishes. Weighing 500g, these fish balls are made from high-quality fish, offering a...

    [Frozen] China's Royal Kitchen Beef Meatballs 430g


    Savor the authentic taste of China's Royal Kitchen Beef Meatballs, frozen to preserve freshness and flavor. Each 430g pack is filled with succulent, high-quality beef meatballs, perfect for a variety...

    Fu Wei Xiang Frozen Garlic Sausages 500g


    Indulge in the savory delight of Fu Wei Xiang Frozen Garlic Sausages, a perfect addition to any meal. Each 500g pack is filled with richly seasoned sausages, infused with a...

    [Frozen] Sinian Large Yellow Rice and Black Sesame Dumplings 454g


    Sinian's Large Yellow Rice and Black Sesame Dumplings are a frozen delicacy, packed with flavor and nutrients. Each 454g pack offers a convenient and quick-to-prepare meal or snack, filled with...

    [Frozen] QianBaiWei Wheat Gluten Skewers 500g


    A 500g pack of QianBaiWei Wheat Gluten Skewers, frozen for freshness and convenience. These skewers are a delicious and high-protein alternative to meat, perfect for grilling or barbecuing.

    [Frozen] Exquisite Dim Sum BBQ Pork Buns (No MSG) 6pcs 480g


    Savor the authentic taste of BBQ pork buns, a classic Dim Sum delicacy, conveniently frozen for freshness. These 6 pieces, 480g pack is free from MSG, ensuring a healthier choice.

    [Frozen] Beifang Beef Tripe Strips 250g


    These are 250g packs of frozen Beifang Beef Tripe Strips, perfect for a protein-rich meal. They are conveniently pre-cut, saving you preparation time.

    [Frozen] Jun Crab Sticks 200g


    These Jun Crab Sticks are a frozen seafood delight, conveniently packed in a 200g portion. They are perfect for sushi, salads, or as a tasty snack on their own.

    [Frozen] Pasco White Toast Bread, 6 Slices, 374g


    Pasco White Toast Bread is a frozen product, offering the convenience of having fresh-tasting toast anytime. Each pack contains 6 slices, weighing approximately 374g, perfect for quick breakfasts or sandwiches.

    [Frozen] Ayi Hotpot 10 Meatballs - 800g


    Ayi's Frozen Hotpot Meatballs are 800g packs of ready-to-cook, succulent meatballs perfect for hotpot dishes.They offer convenience and rich flavor, making your hotpot meals more delicious and satisfying.

    [Frozen] Fat Kee Lava Buns, Six-Pack, Black Gold Custard Bun, 300g


    A six-pack of Fat Kee Lava Buns, frozen for freshness and convenience, available in two delicious flavours. Each pack weighs 300g, perfect for a quick snack or a delightful dessert.

    [Frozen] Hakka Chicken and Corn Dumplings 400g


    These Hakka Chicken and Corn Dumplings are a frozen delight, packed with succulent chicken and sweet corn.Easy to prepare and serve, they make for a delicious and convenient meal or...

    [Frozen] China Royal Kitchen Squid Balls 430g


    China Royal Kitchen Squid Balls are a frozen delicacy made from high-quality squid, offering a unique taste and texture. They are easy to prepare and perfect for adding to soups,...

    [Frozen] I-Mei Crispy Scallion Pancakes, 5pcs 525g


    I-Mei Crispy Scallion Pancakes are a pack of 5 frozen, ready-to-cook Asian-style pancakes, each weighing 105g. They are packed with flavor from fresh scallions, offering a crispy texture once cooked.

    [Frozen] Tianfu Premium Beef Bone Marrow 200g


    Tianfu's Premium Beef Bone Marrow is a high-quality, frozen product, perfect for adding rich flavor to soups and broths. Weighing 200g, it's conveniently portioned and ready to use in your...

    [Frozen] Ayi Fish Balls 500g


    Ayi Fish Balls are a frozen seafood product, conveniently pre-made and ready to cook. They are perfect for adding to soups, stir-fries, or hot pots, offering a delicious and authentic...

    Fu Wei Xiang Five Spice Sausages (Frozen) 500g


    Indulge in the rich flavors of Fu Wei Xiang Five Spice Sausages, a delightful addition to any meal. Perfectly seasoned with a traditional blend of five spices, these sausages offer...

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