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Egg, Dairy & Bakery


    Mingfa Fresh Quail Eggs in Water 425g


    Mingfa Fresh Quail Eggs in Water are high-quality, nutritious eggs preserved in water for freshness. The 425g can offers convenience and long shelf-life, making it a great addition to your...

    Dairy Farmers Low-Fat Milk 2L


    Dairy Farmers Low-Fat Milk is a fresh, 2-liter milk product with reduced fat content, offering a healthier alternative for dairy lovers. It is sourced from Dairy Farmers, known for their...

    Hunter Valley Gold XLarge Free-Range Eggs, 12pcs, 700g


    These are 12 pieces of extra-large, free-range eggs sourced from Hunter Valley Gold. Weighing approximately 700g, these eggs are fresh and known for their high quality and rich taste.

    Mingfa Plum Flavoured Century Eggs 480g


    Mingfa Plum Flavoured Century Eggs are a 480g pack of preserved eggs with a unique plum flavor. They are a traditional Chinese delicacy, known for their rich, complex taste and...

    M2GO Chocolate Flavored UHT Milk - 6 Packs of 250ml


    Enjoy the rich and creamy taste of M2GO Chocolate Flavored UHT Milk, conveniently packed in 6 individual 250ml cartons.This high-temperature sterilized milk retains its freshness and nutritional value, making it...

    Port Stephens X-Large Free-Range Chicken Eggs, 700g, 12pcs


    These are extra-large, free-range chicken eggs sourced from Port Stephens, ensuring high quality and freshness. Each pack contains approximately 700g of eggs, equating to about 12 pieces, perfect for a...

    Small Hen's Newborn Eggs, Full Case of 30, 1.25kg


    A full case of 30 fresh, small hen's newborn eggs, weighing approximately 1.25kg. These eggs are perfect for cooking and baking, providing high-quality protein and essential nutrients.

    Canobolas Large Cage-Free Eggs 12pcs 600g


    These are 12 large cage-free eggs from Canobolas, known for their fresh and high-quality produce. Weighing 600g in total, these eggs are a healthy and versatile ingredient for any meal.

    Pirovic Organic Free-Range Chicken Eggs 12pcs 660g


    These are 12 pieces of Pirovic Organic Free-Range Chicken Eggs, weighing a total of 660g. They are fresh and sourced from chickens that are raised in a free-range environment, ensuring...

    Mingfa Plum Flavoured Salted Eggs 480g


    Mingfa Plum Flavoured Salted Eggs are a unique blend of salty and sweet, with a distinct plum flavor. Each 480g pack contains high-quality eggs, perfect for adding a twist to...

    Yakult Probiotic Drink 65ml*10 Bottles/ Pack


    Yakult Probiotic Drink is a fresh, fermented dairy beverage packed with beneficial probiotics to support gut health. Each pack contains 10 individual 65ml bottles, perfect for daily consumption.

    Changqing Sugar-Free Soy Milk 1L


    Changqing Sugar-Free Soy Milk is a fresh, 1L dairy alternative made from high-quality soybeans. It's a healthy choice for those monitoring their sugar intake, offering a rich, creamy taste without...

    Changqing Sweet Soy Milk 1L


    Changqing Sweet Soy Milk is a fresh, 1L dairy-free alternative to traditional milk. It's naturally sweetened, making it a delicious and healthy choice for those with dietary restrictions or preferences.

    Lechun Lychee Flavoured Yogurt 1kg


    This Fresh Lechun Lychee Flavoured Yogurt is a 1kg pack of creamy, delicious yogurt infused with the exotic taste of lychee. It's a great source of probiotics and calcium, perfect...

    Huaseed Edible Baking Soda - 227g


    Hua Hai Shun Da Edible Baking Soda comes in a 227g package, offering a pure and food-grade baking soda that's essential for cooking, baking, and even cleaning purposes. Its versatility...

    Dairy Farmers Full Cream Lactose Free Milk - 2L


    Enjoy the rich and creamy taste of Dairy Farmers Full Cream Lactose Free Milk, available in a convenient 2L bottle.This lactose-free milk is easier to digest, making it perfect for...

    Yoplait Yogurt with Mixed Fruit Original Flavour 160g*6 Cups


    This is a pack of six 160g cups of Yoplait Yogurt, each infused with a variety of mixed fruits for a refreshing taste. The original flavour ensures a creamy and...

    Daily Juice Family Share Pack - Sugar-Free Orange Juice 2L


    A family-sized pack of Fresh Daily Juice, offering 2 liters of sugar-free orange juice. Perfect for health-conscious households, this juice is freshly squeezed and free from added sugars.

    Mildura Fresh Orange Juice Family Pack 3L


    Mildura Fresh Orange Juice Family Pack is a 3L pack of freshly squeezed orange juice, perfect for the whole family. It offers a refreshing and natural taste, making it a...

    Daily Juice Family Share Pack - Orange Juice, No Pulp, No Added Sugar, 2L


    This Fresh Daily Juice Family Share Pack offers 2L of pure, no pulp orange juice with no added sugar. It's a healthy and refreshing beverage option for the whole family...

    Mildura Orange & Mango Juice Family Pack 3L


    A family-sized pack of Mildura Orange & Mango Juice, freshly squeezed and packed with natural vitamins. This 3L pack is perfect for sharing, offering a refreshing blend of orange and...

    A2 Full Cream Milk 2L


    A2 Full Cream Milk is a fresh, high-quality dairy product that provides a rich and creamy taste. It comes in a 2L packaging, perfect for family consumption or those who...

    Yoplait Vanilla Flavoured Yogurt 160g*6 Cups


    This pack contains 6 cups of Yoplait Vanilla Flavoured Yogurt, each weighing 160g. It's a fresh and creamy yogurt with a delightful vanilla flavor, perfect for a healthy snack or...

    Daily Juice Family Share Pack - Mixed Breakfast Juice, No Added Sugar, 2L


    A 2L pack of Fresh Daily Juice, perfect for family sharing, featuring a mix of breakfast juices with no added sugar. This product offers a healthy and refreshing start to...

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