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    2 Corn Cobs


    Enjoy the natural sweetness and crunchy texture of our premium 2 Corn Cobs. Perfect for grilling, boiling, or roasting, these corn cobs are a versatile addition to any meal. Sourced...

    A-choy (Chinese Lettuce), 1 Bundle


    Experience the crisp, refreshing taste of A-choy, also known as Chinese lettuce, with our fresh 1 bundle offering. Perfect for salads, stir-fries, and soups, this versatile green is rich in...

    Achacha Golden Mangosteen, Medium Size, 5kg


    A tropical fruit known for its sweet and tangy flavor, the Achacha Golden Mangosteen is a medium-sized, fresh produce option weighing approximately 5kg, perfect for exotic fruit lovers.

    Ambrosia Sweet and Crisp Apples - 1.1-1.2kg


    Experience the delightful crunch and sweetness of Ambrosia Apples, weighing approximately 1.1-1.2kg.These apples are known for their vibrant color and juicy, crisp texture, making them a perfect snack or addition...

    American Cara Blood Oranges - 3 Pieces


    Juicy and slightly sweet, these American Cara Blood Oranges offer a unique berry-like flavor with vibrant red flesh, packed with antioxidants and vitamin C.

    American Oranges - Pack of 3


    Juicy and vitamin C-rich American oranges, freshly picked and packaged in a convenient set of three.

    American Yellow Cherries - 500g


    Enjoy the sweet and juicy flavor of these American Yellow Cherries, packed in a convenient 500g package.These cherries are known for their vibrant yellow color and delicious taste, making them...

    Asian Pears 1-1.2kg


    Juicy and crisp Asian pears, weighing approximately 1-1.2kg, known for their round shape and sweet, refreshing taste.

    Ausland Pearl Mushrooms - 400g


    Discover the delicate and flavorful Ausland Pearl Mushrooms, conveniently packed in a 400g box.These mushrooms are known for their tender texture and subtle taste, making them a versatile ingredient in...

    Australian Envy Apples - 1kg


    Experience the crisp and sweet flavor of Australian Envy Apples, packed in a convenient 1kg package.These apples are known for their vibrant red color and juicy texture, making them a...

    Australian Envy Apples - 2 Pieces


    Indulge in the premium quality of Australian Envy Apples, featuring a radiant red hue and satisfyingly sweet flavor.Each pack contains two carefully selected apples, known for their crisp texture and...

    Australian Envy Apples - Box of 24


    Indulge in the crisp and sweet flavor of Envy Apples from Australia, now available in a convenient box of 24.These premium apples are known for their beautifully colored skin, firm...

    Australian Feijoa - Large, 2 Pieces


    Experience the unique flavor of Australian Feijoa with these two large pieces.Known for their sweet and aromatic taste, feijoas are a delightful tropical fruit that can be enjoyed fresh or...

    Australian Local Avocado - 1 Piece


    Enjoy the creamy and rich taste of an Australian local avocado, carefully selected to ensure freshness.Perfect for salads, sandwiches, or making delicious guacamole. Each avocado features a smooth, buttery texture...

    Australian Local Red Plums, 1kg


    Juicy and sweet Australian red plums, locally sourced and packed fresh, weighing approximately 1kg.

    Australian Local Red Plums, Whole Box, 5kg


    A whole box of approximately 5kg of fresh, juicy Australian local red plums, known for their sweet flavor and nutritional benefits.

    Australian Piqa Boo Pears - 2 Pieces


    Enjoy the vibrant red color and sweet, juicy flavor of these two Piqa Boo Pears from Australia.The smooth and tender flesh offers a refreshing bite, perfect for enjoying fresh or...

    Australian Purple Sweet Potatoes - 1.1-1.2kg


    Enjoy the vibrant color and natural sweetness of these Australian Purple Sweet Potatoes, weighing approximately 1.1-1.2kg.With their purple skin and white flesh, these sweet potatoes offer a unique and delicious...

    Australian Small Red Plums - 1kg


    Delight in the sweet and tangy flavor of Australian Small Red Plums. This 1kg pack features red-skinned plums with golden flesh, offering a vibrant and juicy bite.Perfect for snacking, baking,...

    Autumn Crisp Premium Seedless Green Grapes Gift Box - 4.5kg


    Presenting the Autumn Crisp Premium Seedless Green Grapes in an elegant 4.5kg gift box from Spartan Vineyards. These grapes are known for their crisp texture and exceptional sweetness, making them...

    Avocados 500g


    Rich and creamy, these fresh avocados are perfect for guacamole or slices on toast, packed with healthy fats and weighing approximately 500g.

    Baby Bok Choy, Pack of 2


    Discover the fresh, crisp taste of Baby Bok Choy, conveniently packaged in a pack of 2. Ideal for healthy stir-fries, sauteing, or steaming, this leafy green is a nutritional powerhouse,...

    Baby Cos Lettuce - 2 Pack


    Enjoy the fresh and crisp taste of Baby Cos Lettuce from Corrigan's Produce Farms, available in a convenient 2 pack.These tender and flavorful lettuce hearts are perfect for salads, sandwiches,...

    Baby Cucumbers 250g


    Discover the crisp, refreshing taste of Baby Cucumbers, approximately 250g in each pack.Perfect for snacking, salads, or adding a crunchy texture to your dishes, these cucumbers are a versatile addition...

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