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    Nestle Mini KitKat Wafer Biscuits - Rich Matcha Flavour, 10pcs 113g


    Nestle Mini KitKat Wafer Biscuits are bite-sized treats infused with rich matcha flavour. Each pack contains 10 pieces, weighing a total of 113g.

    Mingfa Fresh Quail Eggs in Water 425g


    Mingfa Fresh Quail Eggs in Water are high-quality, nutritious eggs preserved in water for freshness. The 425g can offers convenience and long shelf-life, making it a great addition to your...

    [Frozen] Mingfa Clam Meat 500g


    Mingfa Clam Meat is a frozen seafood product that weighs 500g, offering a convenient and easy-to-prepare option for various dishes. It is known for its tender texture and sweet, oceanic...

    Thai Green Chilli 150g


    Experience the vibrant heat of Thai Green Chilli, weighing approximately 150g. Perfect for adding a spicy kick to your curries, sauces, and stir-fries. These chillies are essential for authentic Thai...

    Sweet Sugar Baby Watermelon 1.5-2.5kg


    A juicy, small-sized watermelon variety known for its sweet flavor and convenient 1.5-2.5kg size, perfect for small families or picnics.

    Carrots 1kg


    Discover the fresh, crisp taste of our premium Carrots, each pack weighing approximately 1kg. Perfect for juicing, snacking, or adding a nutritious boost to your meals, these carrots are rich...

    House Curry-Ya Instant Pork Curry - Medium Hot - 180g


    Experience the rich and deep flavor of House Curry-Ya Instant Pork Curry, featuring a perfect blend of 29 spices.This medium hot curry offers a balanced heat level, making it suitable...

    Haidilao Tomato Soup Base - 4 Packs, 240g


    Haidilao Chef's Choice Rich Tomato Soup Base is a flavorful and convenient option for creating delicious hot pot broth at home. Each pack contains 240g of soup base, with 4...

    Huang Feihong Spicy Peanuts 210g


    Huang Feihong Spicy Peanuts are a popular Chinese snack, known for their unique blend of spicy and savory flavors. Each 210g pack is filled with high-quality peanuts, coated in a...

    [Frozen] Ayi Fish Roe and Fish Wrapped Egg 500g


    Ayi's Frozen Fish Roe and Fish Wrapped Egg is a 500g pack of high-quality seafood delicacies, perfect for adding a gourmet touch to your meals.It offers a unique combination of...

    Hao Huan Luo Liuzhou Snail Rice Noodles, Purple Packaging, 300g


    Authentic and flavorful Liuzhou snail rice noodles in a convenient instant format, packaged in a vibrant purple packaging, 300g.

    LLD Original Soya Drink - Unsweetened, 2L


    Experience the pure and natural taste of LLD Original Soya Drink, now available in a convenient 2L bottle.This unsweetened soya drink is freshly ground to retain its rich, authentic flavor.Made...

    Frozen Fresh Beef Tail 1kg


    Discover the rich flavors of Yuji Frozen Fresh Beef Tail, weighing approximately 1kg. This premium cut is perfect for crafting hearty broths and stews, offering a robust taste and tender...

    Small Sweet Tangerines 1kg


    Enjoy the juicy and refreshing taste of our Small Sweet Tangerines. Each package contains approximately 1kg of easy-to-peel, vitamin-rich tangerines. Perfect for a healthy snack. Store in a cool, dry...

    Ever Green Five-Spice Dried Tofu, 220g


    Discover the rich flavors of Ever Green Five-Spice Dried Tofu, a perfect addition to your culinary repertoire. Weighing approximately 220g, this tofu is infused with a traditional blend of five-spice...

    Garlic Bulbs, 500g


    Discover the robust flavor of our Garlic Bulbs, each batch weighing approximately 500g. Perfect for enhancing the taste of any culinary creation, these garlic bulbs are carefully dried to preserve...

    Bourbon Soy Milk Wafer Biscuits, 80 Calories Each, 16 Pieces, 107g


    Bourbon Soy Milk Wafer Biscuits are a delicious, low-calorie snack with only 80 calories per piece. This pack contains 16 pieces, totaling 107g, offering a light and satisfying treat with...

    Yardlong Beans (Long Cowpeas) 400g


    Yardlong beans, also known as long cowpeas, are a staple in many Asian cuisines, particularly those from Southeast Asia and China.These beans are often referred to as Chinese long beans...

    Wonderwander Tender Young Grass-Fed Chicken (250g) [Frozen]


    Experience the superior taste of Wonderwander Tender Young Grass-Fed Chicken, weighing approximately 250g and delivered frozen for freshness. Sourced from chickens fed exclusively on lush, young grass, this product promises...

    Zi Hai Guo (Instant Hot Pot) Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice 230g


    A convenient and delicious instant meal featuring Cantonese sausage and rice cooked in a claypot for authentic flavor.

    Custard Apple - 1 Piece


    A sweet, creamy fruit with a unique, custard-like texture, rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

    Oreo Sandwich Cookies - Crystal Grape & Peach Flavor, 97g


    Oreo Sandwich Biscuits Crystal Grape + Peach Flavor 97g are a unique twist on the classic Oreo, featuring a blend of grape and peach flavors. Each 97g pack is perfect...

    Red Papaya - 1 Piece


    A ripe, fresh red papaya, known for its sweet taste and rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, perfect for a healthy snack or tropical dish addition.

    Fresh Seedless Oranges - 900-1000g


    Juicy and sweet, these seedless mandarin oranges offer a convenient, peelable snack, weighing between 900 to 1000 grams per pack.

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