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Shop at Umall for a wide variety of Asian groceries in Sydney. We offer fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, instant noodles, dairy, frozen items, pantry staples, snacks, drinks, and more. Experience the best Asian grocery online shopping in Sydney with Umall.  
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    Ever Green Tofu 900g


    Introducing Ever Green Tofu, a premium plant-based protein source weighing approximately 900g. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians, this tofu is versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes,...

    Ever Green Five-Spice Dried Tofu, 220g


    Discover the rich flavors of Ever Green Five-Spice Dried Tofu, a perfect addition to your culinary repertoire. Weighing approximately 220g, this tofu is infused with a traditional blend of five-spice...

    Ever Green Egg Strip Tofu, 150g


    Introducing the Ever Green Egg Strip Tofu, a versatile and nutritious choice for any meal, weighing approximately 150g. This tofu is crafted from high-quality soybeans, offering a rich source of...

    Ever Green Fresh Vegetarian Chicken 350g


    Discover the delightful taste of Ever Green Fresh Vegetarian Chicken, a perfect meat substitute weighing approximately 350g. Crafted for health-conscious individuals, this plant-based chicken offers a high-protein, low-fat alternative to...

    Ever Green Dried Tofu Blocks, 600g, Pack of 6


    Discover the wholesome goodness of Ever Green Dried Tofu Blocks, each pack weighing approximately 600g and containing 6 individually wrapped blocks. Ideal for vegan and vegetarian diets, these tofu blocks...

    Ever Green Hard Tofu, 650g


    Discover the wholesome goodness of Ever Green Hard Tofu, weighing approximately 650g. This firm tofu is perfect for stir-fries, grilling, and baking, maintaining its shape while absorbing flavors beautifully. Rich...

    Ever Green Dried Tofu - 4 Pieces, 400g


    Discover the wholesome goodness of Ever Green Dried Tofu, a must-have for any health-conscious kitchen. Each pack contains 4 pieces of premium dried tofu, weighing approximately 400g in total. Perfect...

    Ever Green Fried Tofu, 4 Pieces, 350g


    Indulge in the delightful taste of Ever Green Fried Tofu, conveniently packaged in a 350g box containing 4 succulent pieces. Each piece is expertly fried to achieve a crispy exterior...

    Ever Green Momen Tofu, 500g


    Discover the smooth, creamy texture of Ever Green Momen Tofu, perfect for both sweet and savory dishes.This high-quality tofu, weighing approximately 500g, is ideal for vegan and vegetarian recipes, providing...

    [Frozen] Zhang Xiao Bao Five-Spice Tofu Strips 500g


    Zhang Xiao Bao Five-Spice Tofu Strips are a frozen, ready-to-cook vegan protein source, seasoned with a unique blend of five spices. Weighing 500g, these tofu strips are perfect for stir-fries,...

    Fried Silken Tofu, 300g


    Discover the delightful texture of our Silken Fried Tofu, weighing approximately 300g. Perfect for a variety of dishes, this tofu offers a smooth, creamy consistency that enhances both flavor and...

    Ever Green Braised-Flavor Vegetarian Chicken (Tasty Chicken Style Soya), 325g


    Discover the delightful taste of Ever Green Braised-Flavor Vegetarian Chicken, a perfect meat-free alternative weighing approximately 325g. Expertly crafted to mimic the rich, savory braised flavor, this vegetarian chicken is...

    Ever Green Traditional Firm Tofu, 900g


    Discover the rich, savory taste of Ever Green Traditional Firm Tofu, weighing approximately 900g. This premium tofu has been carefully aged to enhance its flavor and texture, making it a...

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