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Shop at Umall for a wide variety of Asian groceries in Sydney. We offer fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, instant noodles, dairy, frozen items, pantry staples, snacks, drinks, and more. Experience the best Asian grocery online shopping in Sydney with Umall.  
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    [Frozen] Aushin Lobster Balls 500g


    Aushin Lobster Balls are a frozen seafood delicacy, made from high-quality lobster meat. They are pre-cooked and ready to be added to your favorite dishes, offering a rich and succulent...

    [Frozen] Beifang Beef Tripe Strips 250g


    These are 250g packs of frozen Beifang Beef Tripe Strips, perfect for a protein-rich meal. They are conveniently pre-cut, saving you preparation time.

    Mingfa Plum Flavoured Century Eggs 480g


    Mingfa Plum Flavoured Century Eggs are a 480g pack of preserved eggs with a unique plum flavor. They are a traditional Chinese delicacy, known for their rich, complex taste and...

    [Frozen] Jiajian Original Flavour Lobster Tails, 90-110 pieces, 500g


    [Frozen] Jiajian Original Flavour Lobster Tails are a premium seafood product, offering between 90-110 succulent lobster tails per 500g pack.These frozen lobster tails retain their original flavour, providing a convenient...

    Premium Frozen Snowflake Wagyu Beef Rolls, 250g


    Indulge in the exquisite taste of Frozen Snowflake Northern Wagyu Beef Rolls, weighing 250g. Sourced from the pristine northern regions, this Wagyu beef boasts a marbled texture that melts in...

    [Frozen] Jiajian Spicy Lobster Tail 750g


    [Frozen] Jiajian Spicy Lobster Tail 750g is a premium seafood product that offers the rich, succulent taste of lobster tail with a spicy kick.Perfectly frozen to lock in freshness, this...

    Uncle Yang's Salt-Baked Duck Leg 108g


    Uncle Yang's Salt-Baked Duck Leg is a 108g pack of flavorful, ready-to-eat poultry. It's seasoned with a unique blend of spices and baked to perfection for a tender, savory experience.

    Xiaoqujia Fish Skin Peanuts 308g


    Xiaoqujia Fish Skin Peanuts are a delicious snack combining the crunch of peanuts with the unique flavor of fish skin. This 308g pack is perfect for sharing or enjoying over...

    Old Mule Brand Black Bean Fermented Small Skyward Fish - Medium Spicy 240g


    A medium spicy black bean fermented small skyward fish by Old Mule Brand in a 240g size.Perfect for adding a kick of flavor to your dishes.

    [Frozen] Sea's Flavour Grilled Octopus 250g


    Sea's Flavour Grilled Octopus is a 250g pack of pre-grilled, frozen octopus, ready to be defrosted and served. It offers a convenient and quick solution for seafood lovers, maintaining the...

    [Frozen] Sea's Flavour Lobster Salad Flavoured Balls 250g


    Sea's Flavour Lobster Salad Flavoured Balls are a delicious and convenient frozen seafood option, packed with the rich taste of lobster salad. Each 250g pack contains bite-sized balls, perfect for...

    Rongrong Chinese Sausage 250g


    Discover the rich flavors of Rongrong Chinese Sausage, a traditional delicacy weighing 250g. Perfect for enhancing stir-fries, rice dishes, or enjoyed simply steamed, this sausage offers a unique blend of...

    [Frozen] Delicious Life Scallops 400g


    [Frozen] Delicious Life Scallops 400g are premium quality, frozen scallops that are perfect for a variety of dishes.They are conveniently packaged in a 400g bag, ensuring freshness and easy storage.

    [Frozen] Delicious Life Fatty Oysters 454g


    [Frozen] Delicious Life Fatty Oysters 454g are premium quality, frozen oysters packed with rich, buttery flavor. They are high in essential nutrients and perfect for a variety of dishes, offering...

    [Frozen] Delicious Life Oyster Meat 454g


    [Frozen] Delicious Life Oyster Meat 454g is a high-quality seafood product, flash-frozen to preserve freshness and flavor.Each pack contains 454g of succulent oyster meat, perfect for a variety of dishes...

    [Frozen] Jiajian Crayfish with Thirteen Spices Flavor, 18-23 pieces, 900g


    This frozen Jiajian Crayfish is seasoned with a unique blend of thirteen spices, offering a rich and flavorful seafood experience.Each 900g pack contains between 18-23 pieces, providing a convenient and...

    [Frozen] Beifang Beef Tongue Rolls 200g


    A pack of Beifang Beef Tongue Rolls, frozen to maintain freshness and flavor. Each 200g pack offers a unique taste experience, perfect for adventurous eaters.

    [Frozen] Fresh and Delicious Cod and Black Tiger Prawn Slides 150g


    A 150g pack of frozen, high-quality Cod and Black Tiger Prawn slices, perfect for a quick and nutritious seafood meal.Enjoy the fresh and delicious taste of these premium seafood selections,...

    [Frozen] Ayi Fish Roe Peaches 500g


    Ayi's Frozen Fish Roe Peaches are a unique delicacy, offering a rich, seafood flavor in a convenient 500g package. Perfect for sushi or gourmet recipes, these frozen roe peaches are...

    [Frozen] Old Beifang Premium Beef Tongue Slices 200g


    Savor the rich, unique flavor of Old Beifang Beef Tongue Slices, flash-frozen to lock in freshness. Perfect for a variety of dishes, these 200g packs offer convenience and quality in...

    [Frozen] AYI Lobster Box 500g


    A premium selection of frozen AYI lobster, weighing 500g, perfect for gourmet meals. Conveniently packaged for easy storage and preparation.

    [Frozen] Jiajian Crayfish in Spicy Flavor, 18-23 Pieces, 900g


    This frozen Jiajian Crayfish in Spicy Flavor offers 18-23 pieces of succulent crayfish, weighing a total of 900g. Perfect for seafood lovers, it's conveniently frozen for freshness and comes in...

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