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    Premium Fresh Sponge Gourd - 1 Piece, 600-800g


    Enjoy the fresh and tender texture of our Premium Fresh Sponge Gourd, weighing between 600-800g per piece.This versatile vegetable is perfect for a variety of dishes, offering a mild flavor...

    Small Rockmelon Hami Melon - 1 Piece


    Enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of this Small Rockmelon Hami Melon from Rombola Family Farms.Each melon is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and ripeness.Perfect for a healthy...

    Northeast Melon - 1 Piece, 300-400g


    Enjoy the refreshing and sweet taste of the Northeast Melon, handpicked for its optimal ripeness and quality.Weighing approximately 300-400g, this melon offers a delightful crunch and natural sweetness, perfect for...

    Northeast Sweet Melon - 1 Piece, 400-500g


    Indulge in the unique and refreshing taste of the Northeast Sweet Melon, weighing between 400 to 500 grams per piece.This melon is prized for its distinctive sweetness and crisp texture,...

    Seedless Watermelon - 1 Piece, 3-4kg


    Enjoy the sweet and juicy taste of our Seedless Watermelon, weighing between 3 to 4kg. This large fruit is perfect for a refreshing summer treat, packed with hydration and flavor.Seedless...

    Seedless Watermelon - 1 Piece, 7-8kg


    Relish the sweet and refreshing taste of this seedless watermelon, weighing approximately 7-8kg.Perfect for sharing with family and friends, this juicy watermelon offers a burst of natural sweetness in every...

    Nangar Produce Seedless Little Beauty Watermelon - Box of 7-8


    Enjoy the refreshing sweetness of Nangar Produce Seedless Little Beauty Watermelons. This box contains 7-8 of our premium watermelons, known for their extra sweet and juicy flavor.These watermelons are perfect...

    Extra Large Super Sweet Watermelon - 1 Piece, 10kg+


    Indulge in the refreshing taste of this Extra Large Super Sweet Watermelon, weighing over 10kg each.Renowned for its juicy, vibrant red flesh and intense sweetness, this watermelon makes a perfect...

    Candy Melon with Blemishes - 1 Piece


    Enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of this Candy Melon, featuring a mildly blemished exterior. Despite the surface imperfections, the flesh inside remains juicy and flavorful. Ideal for a healthy...

    Watermelon - 1 Piece, 5-6kg


    Enjoy the refreshing taste of a juicy watermelon, perfect for any occasion.This watermelon weighs approximately 5-6kg, making it ideal for sharing with family and friends.Each watermelon is carefully selected to...

    Mini Candy Melon - 1 Piece


    Discover the delightful sweetness of our Mini Candy Melon. Each melon is perfectly sized for a single serving, making it a convenient and delicious treat.Known for its juicy, tender flesh...

    Extra Large Yellow Flesh Watermelon - 1 Piece, 8kg+


    Enjoy the refreshing taste of our extra large yellow flesh watermelon, weighing in at over 8kg per piece.Known for its vibrant yellow interior and sweet, juicy flavor, this watermelon is...

    Shark Fin Melon - 1 Piece, 2-2.5kg


    Discover the Shark Fin Melon, a versatile and nutritious fruit weighing between 2 to 2.5kg. Known for its unique texture and subtle flavor, it is perfect for adding a healthy...

    Shark Fin Melon - 1 Piece, 4kg


    Discover the unique Shark Fin Melon, weighing approximately 4kg per piece. This versatile melon, known for its distinctive texture and mild flavor, is a great addition to soups, stews, and...

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