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Shop at Umall for a wide variety of Asian groceries in Sydney. We offer fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, instant noodles, dairy, frozen items, pantry staples, snacks, drinks, and more. Experience the best Asian grocery online shopping in Sydney with Umall.  
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    [Frozen] Old Beifang Premium Rich Beef Rolls 250g


    Old Beifang Premium Fatty Beef Rolls are high-quality, frozen beef slices perfect for hot pots and stir-fries. Each 250g pack is filled with rich, marbled beef that promises a tender...

    [Frozen] TianShun Pork and Cabbage Dumplings 600g


    TianShun's frozen pork and cabbage dumplings are a convenient and delicious meal option, packed with 600g of authentic Asian flavors. They are easy to prepare and perfect for a quick...

    [Frozen] Ayi Fish Roe and Fish Wrapped Egg 500g


    Ayi's Frozen Fish Roe and Fish Wrapped Egg is a 500g pack of high-quality seafood delicacies, perfect for adding a gourmet touch to your meals.It offers a unique combination of...

    Frozen Osato Natto, 4 Boxes, 180g, natto beans


    A pack of four boxes of Frozen Osato Natto, each weighing 180g, frozen for freshness. This traditional Japanese food is made from fermented soybeans, known for its rich nutritional value...

    [Frozen] Old Beifang Premium Lamb Rolls Family Pack 600g


    A family pack of premium lamb rolls, sourced from Old Beifang's finest selection. These 600g frozen rolls are perfect for a hearty meal, offering convenience without compromising on taste.

    [Frozen] Old Beifang Premium Fatty Beef Rolls, Family Pack 600g


    A family-sized pack of premium, fatty beef rolls from Old Beifang, frozen for freshness and convenience. Perfect for a variety of dishes, these 600g packs offer high-quality meat with rich...

    [Frozen] Azuma Japanese Mini Natto Beans 3pcs 135g


    A pack of three servings of Azuma's frozen mini Natto beans, perfect for a quick and nutritious Japanese meal.Each 135g pack is conveniently portioned and easy to prepare, offering a...

    [Frozen] Aushin Lobster Balls 500g


    Aushin Lobster Balls are a frozen seafood delicacy, made from high-quality lobster meat. They are pre-cooked and ready to be added to your favorite dishes, offering a rich and succulent...

    [Frozen] Ayi Tofu Fish 250g


    Ayi Tofu Fish is a frozen, ready-to-cook product that combines the rich flavors of tofu and fish in a 250g package.It's a convenient and healthy option for quick meals, offering...

    [Frozen] Top Quality Shop Crispy Cheese Sausages 500g


    A pack of 500g frozen crispy cheese sausages from Top Quality Shop, perfect for quick and delicious meals.These sausages are packed with flavor and provide a satisfying crunch with every...

    [Frozen] Huo Jia Chive Filled Pancakes 460g


    These are frozen, ready-to-cook pancakes filled with flavorful chives, offering a quick and delicious meal option. Each 460g pack ensures convenience and authentic Huo Jia taste right at your home.

    [Frozen] China's Royal Kitchen Beef Meatballs 430g


    Savor the authentic taste of China's Royal Kitchen Beef Meatballs, frozen to preserve freshness and flavor. Each 430g pack is filled with succulent, high-quality beef meatballs, perfect for a variety...

    [Frozen] Aushin Fish Balls 500g


    Aushin Fish Balls are a frozen seafood product, conveniently pre-cooked and ready to add to your favorite dishes. Weighing 500g, these fish balls are made from high-quality fish, offering a...

    [Frozen] Mini Natto Beans, 4 Boxes, 160g


    These mini natto beans are frozen for freshness and come in a convenient pack of 4 boxes, each weighing 160g. They are perfect for quick and easy preparation of traditional...

    Fu Wei Xiang Frozen Garlic Sausages 500g


    Indulge in the savory delight of Fu Wei Xiang Frozen Garlic Sausages, a perfect addition to any meal. Each 500g pack is filled with richly seasoned sausages, infused with a...

    [Frozen] Sinian Large Yellow Rice and Black Sesame Dumplings 454g


    Sinian's Large Yellow Rice and Black Sesame Dumplings are a frozen delicacy, packed with flavor and nutrients. Each 454g pack offers a convenient and quick-to-prepare meal or snack, filled with...

    [Frozen] QianBaiWei Wheat Gluten Skewers 500g


    A 500g pack of QianBaiWei Wheat Gluten Skewers, frozen for freshness and convenience. These skewers are a delicious and high-protein alternative to meat, perfect for grilling or barbecuing.

    [Frozen] Xi Yun Nian BBQ Rice Cakes, 16 Sticks, 1kg


    Xi Yun Nian BBQ Rice Cakes are a pack of 16 frozen, ready-to-cook skewers, each weighing approximately 1kg. Perfect for grilling, these rice cakes offer a unique, smoky BBQ flavor.

    [Frozen] Assi Rice Cake Strips 907g


    Assi Rice Cake Strips are a frozen, ready-to-cook Korean staple made from glutinous rice. They are perfect for making traditional dishes like Tteokbokki or can be added to soups and...

    [Frozen] Ayi Hotpot 10 Meatballs - 800g


    Ayi's Frozen Hotpot Meatballs are 800g packs of ready-to-cook, succulent meatballs perfect for hotpot dishes.They offer convenience and rich flavor, making your hotpot meals more delicious and satisfying.

    [Frozen] Hakka Mini BBQ Pork Buns 8pcs


    These are frozen, mini-sized Hakka-style BBQ pork buns, ready to be steamed or microwaved for a quick, delicious meal.Each pack contains 8 pieces, offering a convenient and authentic taste of...

    [Frozen] Exquisite Dim Sum BBQ Pork Buns (No MSG) 6pcs 480g


    Savor the authentic taste of BBQ pork buns, a classic Dim Sum delicacy, conveniently frozen for freshness. These 6 pieces, 480g pack is free from MSG, ensuring a healthier choice.

    [Frozen] Hakka Chicken and Corn Dumplings 400g


    These Hakka Chicken and Corn Dumplings are a frozen delight, packed with succulent chicken and sweet corn.Easy to prepare and serve, they make for a delicious and convenient meal or...

    [Frozen] Baozi King Coriander Pork Dumplings 600g


    Baozi King Coriander Pork Dumplings are frozen, ready-to-cook dumplings filled with flavorful pork and fresh coriander.Each 600g pack offers convenience and authentic Asian cuisine experience right at your home.

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