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All Fruit


    Asian Pears 1-1.2kg


    Juicy and crisp Asian pears, weighing approximately 1-1.2kg, known for their round shape and sweet, refreshing taste.

    Missile Mini Apples 1kg


    Juicy and crisp, Missile Mini Apples are a convenient snack-sized fruit, perfect for on-the-go eating, packed in a 1kg bundle.

    Bananas 1kg


    A bundle of fresh, ripe bananas weighing approximately 1kg, perfect for a natural, energy-boosting snack.

    Fresh Rockit Small Apples, 1kg Pack


    Juicy and crisp small-sized Rocket apples, perfect for snacking, packed fresh in a 1kg bag.

    Pink Lady Apples 1-1.2kg


    Crisp and sweet, Pink Lady Apples are a premium choice, offering a perfect balance of flavor for snacking or baking, packed fresh approximately 1-1.2kg.

    Queensland Red Heart Dragon Fruit - 1 Piece


    A vibrant, juicy Queensland Red Heart Dragon Fruit, known for its sweet, slightly tangy flavor and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber.

    Small Apples, 500g


    Juicy and crisp small apples, perfect for snacking, packed fresh with an approximate weight of 500g.

    Chinese Red Fuji Apples 1-1.2kg


    Juicy and sweet, these Chinese Red Fuji Apples, weighing approximately 1-1.2kg, are known for their crisp texture and long shelf life.

    Royal Gala Apples 1-1.2kg


    Juicy and sweet, Royal Gala Apples are perfect for snacking, with a crisp texture and a weight range of approximately 1-1.2kg per pack.

    Fresh 'Pinky Fairy' Super Sweet Green Grapes, 1 Box (800-900g)


    A box of Pinky Fairy Super Sweet Green Grapes, weighing approximately 800-900g, offers a burst of juicy sweetness in every bite, perfect for snacking or adding to dishes.

    Fruitico Autumn Crissy Fruit, 700-800g


    A seasonal selection of crisp, juicy fruits, weighing between 700-800g, perfect for autumnal snacking and recipes.

    Queensland Red Heart Dragon Fruit, Full Box Size 9 -


    A full box of size 9 Queensland Red Heart Dragon Fruit, offering fresh, juicy, and nutrient-rich exotic fruits with a vibrant red flesh.

    QG Weight Loss Plums - Whole Box 5kg


    A whole box of approximately 5kg of fresh QG plums, specially selected for their natural properties to aid in weight loss.

    UMall Premium Crisp Sweet Large Persimmons - 2 Pieces


    Juicy and naturally sweet, UMall Premium Persimmons are large, crisp fruits, carefully selected for their superior quality and freshness, packed in a set of 2.

    Local Golden Kiwi 500g


    Juicy and sweet, these locally sourced golden kiwis weigh approximately 500g, offering a rich source of vitamin C and dietary fiber.

    Local Figs, Pack of 6


    Juicy and sweet, these locally sourced fresh figs come in a convenient pack of 6, perfect for snacking or adding a natural sweetness to dishes.

    Winter jujube Red Dates 500g


    UMall Premium Grade Winter Dates are a fresh, high-quality selection of approximately 500g, offering a sweet and nutritious snack perfect for any time of the year.

    Local Fresh Walnuts 1kg


    Local Fresh Walnuts 1kg are high-quality, locally sourced walnuts, known for their rich flavor and nutritional benefits, including healthy fats, protein, and fiber.

    Local Crisp Persimmons - 2 Pieces


    Juicy and sweet, these locally sourced crisp persimmons are packed with vitamins and come in a convenient set of two.

    Achacha Golden Mangosteen, Medium Size, 5kg


    A tropical fruit known for its sweet and tangy flavor, the Achacha Golden Mangosteen is a medium-sized, fresh produce option weighing approximately 5kg, perfect for exotic fruit lovers.

    White Heart Pomegranate 1kg


    Juicy and sweet, this 1kg pack of Fresh White Heart Pomegranates offers antioxidant-rich seeds with a lighter, less acidic taste.

    Tasmanian Blueberries 125g


    Juicy and sweet Tasmanian blueberries, packed fresh in a 125g container, perfect for healthy snacking or adding a burst of flavor to your dishes.

    Green Plums 1kg


    Fresh Green Plums, approximately 1kg, are juicy and slightly tart, perfect for snacking or culinary uses.

    Fresh Pistachios 500g


    Fresh Pistachios Approximately 500g are a nutritious snack, rich in antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats, perfect for a heart-healthy diet.

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