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    Queensland Red Heart Dragon Fruit - 1 Piece


    A vibrant, juicy Queensland Red Heart Dragon Fruit, known for its sweet, slightly tangy flavor and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber.

    Fruitico Premium Sun King Fruit Gift Box - 4.5kg


    A luxurious selection of sun-ripened, premium fruits, carefully curated and presented in an elegant gift box, weighing approximately 4.5kg.

    Queensland Red Heart Dragon Fruit, Full Box Size 9 -


    A full box of size 9 Queensland Red Heart Dragon Fruit, offering fresh, juicy, and nutrient-rich exotic fruits with a vibrant red flesh.

    Local Golden Kiwi Whole Box 5-5.5kg


    A whole box of locally sourced, fresh Golden Kiwi, weighing approximately 5-5.5kg, known for its sweet taste and high vitamin C content.

    Fresh Passion Fruit, Whole Box, Size 50.


    A whole box of size 50 fresh passion fruits, known for their intense aroma and tropical, tangy flavor, perfect for juices, desserts, or eating raw.

    Achacha Golden Mangosteen, Medium Size, 5kg


    A tropical fruit known for its sweet and tangy flavor, the Achacha Golden Mangosteen is a medium-sized, fresh produce option weighing approximately 5kg, perfect for exotic fruit lovers.

    Caviar Lemon - 1 Box -


    A box of fresh Caviar Lemons, known for their unique, pearl-like citrus vesicles that burst with a tangy and slightly sweet flavor.

    White Heart Dragon Fruit - 1 Piece


    A succulent, fresh White Heart Dragon Fruit, known for its sweet, delicate taste and rich antioxidants, perfect for a healthy snack or exotic addition to salads and smoothies.

    Small White Heart Dragon Fruit - 1 Piece


    A single piece of fresh Small White Heart Dragon Fruit, known for its sweet taste, high fiber content, and antioxidant properties, encased in a unique white flesh with tiny black...

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